GTR-KTP crystals have gray track resistance sufficiently greater than regular KTP, they are very suitable for high power density applications.







1.     High grey track resistance      

2.     High damage threshold         

3.     Low absorption at 1064nm & 532nm   

4.     Large nonlinear optical coefficient      

5.     Broad temperature and spectral bandwidth

6.     Non-hydroscopic, chemically and mechanically stable

7.     High thermal conductivity







1. SFG(SHG) in CW and high average power for green lasers

2. Parametric sources(OPG, OPA and OPO) for 600nm-4500nm tunable outputs

3. E-O modulators, optical switches

4. Optical waveguides for integrated NLO and E-O devices.







Transmitting Range:           350-4500nm
Dimension Tolerances:       (W+/-0.1mm)x(H+/-0.1mm)x(L+0.2/-0.1mm)
Clear Aperture:                  >90%
Angle tolerance:                +/-0.25deg.
Scratch/Dig:                     10/5 per MIL-O-13830A
Parallelism:                       <20"
Perpendicularity:                5'
Flatness:                          1/8 lambda at 632.8nm

Wavefront Distortion:          <1/4 lambda at 632.8nm
Damage Threshold:           500MW/cm^2 at 1064nm (10ns,10Hz, pulse laser)
Standard Coating:             AR/AR at 1064&532nm



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