Aspheric Lenses and Diffractive Lenses


Aspheric optics are widely used in military and civilian field, such as Photography Lens, Viewfinder, TV camera tube, Zoom, Movie playback Lens, Satellite Infrared Telescope, Recorder Lens, Video, Audio CD read head, Barcode read head, Fiber communication, Medical equipments, ect.


In recent years, diffractive optics technology is very mature and advanced, the use of aspheric and diffractive surface technology not only can reduce distortio, spherical aberration, and others kinds of aberrations in order to achieve achermal design and dramatically improve the image quality of the optical systems, but also can minimize the number of infrared lenses




At present, Lightkey Technology has the world's leading technology aspheric and diffractive processing and inspection equipments, such as ultra-precision signle- diamond processing machine, Zygo Interferometer, Taylor Hobson Profiler, which are good for ZnSe(Zinc Selenide), ZnS (Zinc Sulphide), Al(Aluminum), Ge(Germanium) processing.


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