Zinc Selenide (ZnSe)

Zinc Selenide(ZnSe) is commonly used for lenses, windows, mirrors, output couplers, beam expanders, beam splitter, beam combiners, IR Camera shot of infrared applications because its high transmission in wide spectral range from 3-12 micron. For high-power applications, its critical that the material bulk absorption and internal defect structure be carefully controlled, that minimum-damage polishing technology be employed, and the highest quality optical thin-film coatings are used.
ZnSe material is a chemically inert, non-hygroscopic and highly pure product that is very effective in many optical applications due to its extremely low bulk losses, high resistance to thermal shock and stability in virtually all environments, It's safe and ideal for a wide variety of infrared application including Thermal Imaging, FLIR, Medical Systems and high power CO2 Laser Systems.

Lightkey Technology can provide Shperical Lenses, Aspherical Lenses, Diffraction Mirrors except standard Windows, Mirrors and Lenses. Also blanks are available here.
1. CVD laser grade
2. Greater than 90% transmission from 3-12 micron.
3. Low dispersion and low absorption.
4. Ideal for thermal Imaging, FLIR, and medical systems.
Clear Aperture                                  90%
Dimensionl Tolerance                       +0.0/-0.1mm
Thickness Tolerance                         0.1mm
Center Thickness Tolerance              0.2mm
Surface Quality                                10/5
Centering                                         3 arcminutes
Surface Accuracy                             1/10 lambda @ 10.6m
Parallelism                                       <30 second
Coating:                                           As per the request


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