Beta-barium borate (BBO) has the following exceptional properties that make it a very important nonlinear crystal:

1. Broad phase-matching range from 410 nm to 2100 nm

2. Useful optical transmission from 190 nm to 3500 nm

3. Large effective second-harmonic-generation (SHG) coefficient about 6 times greater than that of KDP crystal;

4. High damage threshold of 10 GW/cm2 for 100ps pulse-width at 1064nm;

5. High optical homogeneity with dn » 10^-6/cm;

6. Wide temperature-bandwidth of about 55°C.

7. Low thermo-optic coefficient



BBO is grown with the flux method. It is a negative uniaxial crystal, with ordinary refractive-index (no) larger than extraordinary refractive-index (ne).






BBO is of particular importance in the visible and far UV. A wide variety of phase-matching applications are possible, including the following:

1. Second, third, fourth and fifth harmonic generation of Nd doping lasers;

2. Second harmonic generation to generate wavelengths as short as 204.8 nm

3. Shorter wavelengths (193nm) can be generated by sum frequency mixing

4. Frequency-doubling, -tripling and -mixing of Dye lasers;

5. Second, third and fourth harmonic generation of Ti:Sapphire lasers;

6. Optical parametric amplifier (OPA) and optical parametric oscillators (OPO);

7.  Frequency-doubling of Argon ion, Cu-vapor and Ruby lasers.

8. Transverse field Pockel cells made from BBO useful when high average powers or short wavelengths used.






Dimension tolerance:              (W ± 0.1mm) x (H ± 0.1mm) x (L + 0.2mm/-0.1mm)

Clear aperture:                          > 90% central area

Flatness:                                    1/8 lambda @632.8nm

Wavefront distortion:                less than 1/8 lambda @ 633nm

Surface quality:                         10/5 scratch/dig

Parallelism:                               Better than 20 arc seconds

Perpendicularity:                      5 are minutes

Angle tolerance:                       <± 0.3°

Coating:                                     AR coating, P-coating for single wavelength, dual wavelength and brandband wavelength




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