Potassium Titanyle Arsenate(KTiOAsO4), or KTA )crystal, is an excellent nonlinear optical crystal for Optical Parametric Oscillation (OPO) Application.  OPO devices based on KTA are reliable, solid state sources of tunable laser radiation exhibiting energy conversion efficiencies above 50%.  In addition KTA has a very high damage threshold.  In comparison to KTP, KTA crystals feature large non-linear optical and electro-optical coefficients and have significantly reduced absorption in the 2.0 - 5.0 m range.  Its low dielectric constants, low loss tangent and ionic conductivities are orders of magnitude less than that of KTP.









        1. Large nonlinear optical and electro-optical coefficients

        2. Wide angular bandwidth and small walk-off angle

        3. Broad temperature and spectral bandwidth

        4. Low dielectric constants, loss tangent and ionic conductivities (much less than that of KTP)

        5. High damage threshold






        Dimension tolerance:            (W ± 0.1 mm) x (H ± 0.1 mm) x (L + 0.2 mm/-0.1mm)

        Clear aperture:                      > 90% central area

        Flatness:                             1/8 lambda @ 633 nm

        Wavefront distortion:              better than 1/6 lambda @ 633 nm

        Scratch/Dig code:                 10/5 to MIL-O-13830A

        Parallelism:                          better than 20 arc seconds

        Perpendicularity:                   10 arc minutes

        Angle tolerance:                    < ±0.5°

        Coating:                               AR coatings, OPO coatings



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